Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Yakutat

Monti Bay and Islands

This is a great area for seabirds!

This a great area for seabirds, such as gulls, scoters, and cormorants. Common Loon are abundant year round, and Pacific Loon are common migrants. A variety of waterfowl species are viewable in the Ankau River mouth, with Arctic Tern nesting and foraging nearby. Keep an eye out for other marine mammals and people surfing in the area.


This site can be combined with a visit to Yakutat Bay, Disenchantment Bay and Hubbard Glacier via a charter boat tour, or accessed by boat, canoe, or kayak from the Yakutat Boat Harbor, Sandy Beach, or Sawmill Cove. If you want to see this area from the mainland, the Sandy Beach site is a good location to view Monti Bay.

Common Loon.
Common Loon. Photo: Shirley Donald/APA 2018

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