Alaska WatchList

Highlighting Declining and Vulnerable Bird Populations

The Alaska WatchList is a science-based warning system to identify birds at risk. It is a tool to focus attention on vulnerable and declining bird populations across the state. Audubon Alaska compiles the WatchList every few years by objectively ranking each regularly occurring bird species (and select subspecies) in Alaska based on vulnerability. We consider factors such as population size, population trend, threats, and percentage of the population that is dependent on Alaska habitats. It is a scientific process that is transparent and data-driven. Click here to download a Technical Report that outlines the methods and references used to compile the WatchList.

Attempting to recover species at the brink of extinction is difficult and costly. Working cooperatively to protect birds and their habitats before crises arise is far more effective. Hence, the primary aim of the WatchList is to encourage research, monitoring, and conservation by agencies, organizations, and concerned individuals to prevent birds from becoming threatened or endangered.

Audubon Alaska’s Alaska WatchList uses an objective assessment process to identify Alaska birds of greatest conservation concern. The 2017 Alaska WatchList recognizes two levels of conservation concern:

  • The Red List has the highest level of conservation concern: species are vulnerable and declining.
  • The Yellow List is of somewhat lesser concern: species are vulnerable, but not declining. 

Available Downloads

  • Download the Red List here, or view an interactive web version here.
  • Download the Yellow List here.
  • Download a list of common species in decline here. These species did not make the Red or Yellow List, but they still merit close attention.

If you would like a hard copy of the Alaska WatchList, please email or call (907) 276-7034.

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