Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Hoonah

Whitestone Harbor

The adjacent forests are known to have nesting goshawks.

The harbor is a good location to look for waterfowl. The adjacent forests are known to have nesting goshawks. Be sure to follow rules for being safe in bear country while exploring this area, particularly when salmon are in Suntaheen Creek.


From Hoonah take the Garteeni Highway/Airport Road 3.4 miles past the airport to where the road transitions to Kennel Creek Road 8502/8508. Turn left at the junction with Whitestone Harbor Road (Forest Service Road 8530) at mile 2.1 and drive 13.7 miles to Whitestone Harbor.

You can access Whitesone Harbor from two locations: 1) There is a parking area at the Lower Suntaheen River Trailhead (mile 12.3 of Forest Road 8530). The trail at this trailhead trail leads to an accessible wildlife/fish viewing platform along Suntaheen Creek and continues on to Whitestone Harbor. 2) Drive directly to the harbor and boat-launch area at mile 13.7 on Forest Road 8530.

Northern Goshawk.
Northern Goshawk. Photo: Rich Lowell, ADFG

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