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Staney Creek Mouth

Wildlife abounds in the area near the mouth of Stanley Creek.

Wildlife abounds in the area near the mouth of Stanley Creek where there is a huge estuary attracting a variety of species including waterfowl and shore birds along with Bald Eagles, Sitka black-tailed deer and black bears. This is a good spot for waterfowl in fall and winter. Look for Sitka black-tailed deer, bald eagles, loons, black bears, harbor seals and river otters at the estuary at Staney Creek throughout the summer. The Tongass National Forest manages the pubic use Staney Creek Cabin for visitors to use by reservation. The cabin sits at the mouth of Staney Creek, a grassy tidal meadow, and is surrounded by a canopy of old-growth spruce, hemlock and cedar. Forest Service Campgrounds are also located relatively close proximity to this area as well.


Travel to Highway 929 and turn north towards Control Lake Junction. Turn left on Forest Service Road 20 and travel for approximately 8 miles. Turn left again on Forest Service Road 2054 and follow signs to the Staney Creek Cabin Trailhead. If going to the cabin, there is a 0.5 mile trail to the cabin.

Common Merganser.
Common Merganser. Photo: Gail Norwood, APA 2015

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  •  ½ mile hiking trail from parking area to cabin and estuary at mouth of Staney Creek

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