Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Sitka

Sitka National Historical Park

A great place to birdwatch and learn about the history of Sitka.

Sitka National Historical Park preserves the site of a battle between invading Russian traders and the indigenous Tlingit people. The National Park is a great place to learn about the history of Sitka while exploring well-developed and ADA-accessible trails through old-growth coastal forests and adjacent tidelands. Over 150 species have been documented in the park and adjacent waters with a tremendous variety of passerines, waterfowl, seabirds and shorebirds found at this site.


There are several ways to reach the Sitka National Park Visitor Center, including by walking, public transport or by driving to the visitor center located on Lincoln Street at the eastern end of the road.

Wilson's Snipe.
Wilson's Snipe. Photo: Dorian Anderson / APA 2017

Birding Resources:

eBird Hotspot: Sitka Nat. Historical Park

National Park Service: Birds of Sitka National Park

Other Resources:

National Park Service: Sitka National Park information and Total Trail and Russian Memorial Look information 

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