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Sergief Island

Excellent spot during both the spring and fall migrations.

Sergief Island is located in the Stikine River Delta and is an excellent spot for birdwatching during both the spring and fall migrations. There are two US Forest Service Cabins on the island, Sergief and Koknuk Cabins, which can be reserved for overnight stays. Pay attention to the tides when planning your trip to the island and also when exploring the mudflats. Thousands of shorebirds can be found on the mudflats during migration including: Dunlin, Western Sandpiper, and Least Sandpiper. Also watch for: Snow Goose, Black Swift, Vaux’s Swift, American Pipit, Northern Harrier and a diversity of waterfowl and raptors including owls. If you hire a guide, be sure they are permitted by the Tongass National Forest.


To reach Sergief Island, you will need to take either a personal boat (shallow draft boat or sea kayak) or hire a transporter to take you to/from the island.

Northern Harrier.
Northern Harrier. Photo: Tom Koerner, USFWS

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