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Sandy Beach

Western Screech Owl have nested in the vicinity.

Sandy Beach Park is a borough maintained day-use picnic area at the end of Sandy Beach Road and is about two miles from downtown Petersburg. There are three picnic shelters, restrooms, a trail and other recreational assets. The site has a large tidal flat that is the site of ancient Alaska Native petroglyphs and remnants of prehistoric fish traps. Birds here include Barrow’s Goldeneye (winter), three species of scoters, Harlequin Duck, Killdeer, both yellowlegs (Greater breed in the muskegs and feed on the flats, Lesser pass through during migration), migrating Whimbrel in May, Black Turnstone (primarily in winter), various shorebirds during migration. Western Screech Owl have nested in the vicinity, and there are several Bald Eagle nests in the Sandy Beach area.


Sandy Beach can be accessed either by Haugen Drive (approximately 2 miles) or by following the coast on Nordic Drive to Hungry Point and then Sandy Beach Road (approximately 3 miles).

Western Screech Owl.
Western Screech Owl. Photo: Milo Burcham

Trail Information:

  • City Creek Trail: This trail starts at the south end of Sandy Beach Park. The trail winds through the woods following the beach with a couple overlooks. Most of the year, boots are not necessary.
  • US Forest Service: Raven Trail - The Raven Trail begins across the street from the Sand Beach Park and is a 5’ wide easy gravel trail for 1 mile, then becomes a narrower hiker trail as it winds up the mountain to the Raven’s Roost Cabin.

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