Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Haines

Picture Point

A great spot to watch for waterfowl and seabirds!

Nukdik Point, also known locally as Picture Point, is a scenic spot between the town of Haines and the ferry terminal where you will have scenic views of Haines including Fort Seward and the waters of Chilkoot Inlet. This is a great spot to watch for waterfowl and seabirds and an overall great spot to just enjoy the view. A road-side stop and public access was developed by Haines at this location in 2014. Be aware of adjacent private property when exploring this area.


From 2nd Avenue, take Lutak Road approximately 2 miles to the road-side pull-off near Nukdik Point (Picture Point). This site is also a nice walk from town. So, if you’re looking for a scenic walk and a bit of exercise, park in town and walk to the point.

Northern Shoveler.
Northern Shoveler. Photo: John Schoen

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