Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Wrangell

Pat's Creek Tidal Flats

Watch for Flocks of Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper and Dunlin.

Pat’s Creek Tidal Flats are where the freshwaters of Pat’s Creek enters the saltwater of Zimovia Straight. Mudflats are exposed during low tide creating habitat for shorebirds and waterfowl. This site is particularly good during spring migration with flocks of Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper and Dunlin stopping at this site during spring migration. If you arrive before high tide, the incoming tide will slowly push the shorebirds and waterfowl closer to the shoreline.


From Wrangell, drive approximately 11 miles south on the Zimovia Highway to Pat Creek Road. Turn right (west) and drive to the parking area near the beach. This area is used as a log transfer facility (LTF), so be aware that there can be log piles and heavy equipment using this area.

Western Sandpiper.
Western Sandpiper. Photo: Mick Tompson

Trail Information:

There is an unmarked, unmaintained one-mile trail, which starts on the left side of the highway bridge and follows the creek to Pat’s Lake, another birding site that is close to the Tidal Flats. The trail is somewhat rugged and quite steep in places. On the right side of the highway bridge is a short trail (less than 500 feet) that leads to a wooden platform overlooking the estuary.

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