Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Juneau

Outer Point Trail

The 1.1 mile Outer Point Trail connects to the Rainforest Trail for a longer hike.

Outer Point Loop Trail is a 1.1 mile popular loop trail located near Juneau. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature viewing. The Outer Point Trail connects to the Rainforest Trail for a longer hike. Both trails allow you to explore areas of old-growth coastal temperate rainforest. The tallest trees on the Outer Point Loop Trail occupy the gently sloping area adjacent to an ephemeral tributary to Beaver Creek. In addition to old-growth temperate rainforest, this site allows access to coastal beaches.

Birding on Outer Point can yield classic SE Alaska marine birds and waterfowl including: Harlequin Duck, Surfbird, Surf, White-winged and Black Scoter, Glaucous-winged Gull, Marbled Murrelet, Black Turnstone, Black Oystercatcher, Common and Barrow’s Goldeneye among many other species. The old-growth rainforest provides habitat for Sooty Grouse, Northern Pygmy-Owl, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Hairy Woodpecker, Golden and Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Varied and Hermit Thrush


From Juneau, travel across the Juneau-Douglas Bridge; take the 1st exist onto 3rd St/Douglas Highway heading north for 11.3 miles to the Outer Point Trailhead.

Surfbird. Photo: John Schoen

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