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Chilkoot Inlet

Arctic Terns forage and may nest in the area.

Chilkoot Inlet is at the junction where the Chilkoot River flows into the Lynn Canal, along with the Kazenin River and Taiya Inlet. This mixing of waters and nutrients creates a rich environment for fish and wildlife resulting in excellent habitat and feeding areas for wide variety of waterfowl,  and seabirds, and sea ducks: scoters, scaup, grebes, loons, Harlequin Duck, Marbled Murrelet, and Pigeon Guillemot. Arctic Terns forage and may nest in the area. Late spring brings huge rafts of thousands of Surf and White-winged Scoters to Northern Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet as they stage to fly to nesting grounds in Canada.


Chilkoot Inlet can be observed from several vehicle accessible locations in Haines many of which are described as recommended birding sites for the Haines area including: Battery Point, Portage Cove, Picture Point and others; however the inlet is best observed by boat. There are several charter boat companies and nature tour companies based in Haines that can help you see Chilkoot Inlet up close.

Arctic Tern.
Arctic Tern on nest. Photo: Donna Dewhurst / USFWS

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