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Jones Point

Property owned by Takshanuk Watershed Council.

The Jones Point property is a 50-acre parcel owned and managed by the Takshanuk Watershed Council. You can park at the council office and follow the ¼ mile trail through the forest to Jones Point. Be sure to stop by and visit the Watershed Council Office if it is open to learn about the conservation and stewardship work that the Takshanuk Watershed Council does for the Chilkat, Chilkoot, and Ferebee River systems and the citizen science birding program that the council coordinates in the Haines area.

The Valley of the Eagles golf course is also close to the Jones Point property and is used fairly regularly for bird watching. Be sure to check in with the golf-course before accessing the grounds and to pay any required access fee.


At the western end of town is Sawmill Road. Head south for 0.9 miles to the end of the road and the Takshanuk Watershed Council office building. You can park here and walk the ¼-mile trail to the Chilkat River and Jones Point.

Black-billed Magpie
Black-billed Magpie. Photo: John Schoen

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