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Chilkoot Lake Recreation Site

Opportunity to see nesting Bald Eagles!

The Chilkoot Lake Recreation Site is located at the south end of Chilkoot Lake and is a well-developed and maintained state recreation area with amenities including: campsites, a boat launch, restrooms, and picnic shelter. There are three eBird Hotspots near the recreation site including at the lake, the Chilkoot River outlet and the salmon weir. Birders will see nesting Bald Eagles, migratory waterfowl including Common Merganser, Barrow’s Goldeneye and Harlequin Duck. American Dipper can be seen bobbing on the rocks and diving underwater and a wide variety of passerines and shorebirds. This area is popular for salmon fishing and excellent spot for bear viewing.


To reach Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Site, take Lutak Road for 5 miles past the ferry terminal and follow the signs to the site. Be advised portions of the road are not maintained during the winter, watch for signs advising drivers.

Bald Eagle nest
Bald Eagle nest. Photo: John Schoen

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Other Resources:

Alaska Department if Natural Resources: Chilkoot Lake Recreation Site

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