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Chilkat State Park - South

See a wide variety of waterfowl and waterbirds!

Chilkat State Park is an area of public lands managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. This park is on the Chilkat Peninsula, a peninsula of land, south of Haines, separating the Chilkat and Chilkoot Inlets. The parks northern parcel is located north of just past Portage Cove and includes the Battery Point and Mount Riley trails. The southern portion of the park is located on the peninsula south of Mud Bay and includes a campground and the Seduction Point Trail. In the waters around the park, watch for a wide variety of waterfowl and waterbirds including: Surf Scoter and Pigeon Guillemot. In the spring, Harlequin Ducks can also be observed at this site. Black Oystercatchers nest in the area. Information on trails is available at Chikat State Park. 


To reach the southern portion of the park from Haines, drive 7 miles south on the Mud Bay Road to the Chilkat State Park Road and follow this road to the Seduction Point Trailhead.

Surf Scoter flock
Surf Scoter flock. Photo: Milo Burcham

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