Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Hoonah

Cannery Point

A local birding guide company offers birding tours for cruise ship passengers.

Cannery Point, also known as Icy Strait Point, is a port for cruise ships visiting the Hoonah area. This location has several shops, restaurants and amenities available during the tourist season when there is a ship in port. The area provides a wide variety of habitats including coastal beaches, saltwater and tidelands as well as freshwater ponds, meadows and coniferous forest. There is a nature trail located behind the shops that provides an easy hike for birding in forest, meadow and freshwater habitats away from the shoreline. Birding at Cannery Point will offer opportunities for seabirds including a variety of gulls, Harlequin Duck, Marbled Murrelet, Black-legged Kittiwake and Pigeon Guillemot. Upland meadow and forest passerines include a wide variety of warblers, sparrows, thrushes, and other passerines. A local birding guide company offers birding tours for cruise ship passengers stopping at Cannery Point in Hoonah.


From Hoonah drive or walk 1.6 miles north on Front Street/Cannery Road to Cannery Point.

Harlequin Duck.
Harlequin Duck. Photo: John Schoen

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  •  Nature Trail Loop is a ½ mile loop trail.

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