The Power of Collective Action

by Natalie Dawson

Collective action is our key to success.

In this newsletter, we celebrate our collaborative campaigns, where each of us plays a significant role in taking action that creates the change we want to see for birds and people across Alaska. From writing public comments, providing testimony at public meetings, exercising our right to vote, and volunteering in our communities, we become the light that filters into our shared future.

Audubon supporters and advocates have submitted thousands of comments on the issues discussed in our newsletter, and we look forward to doing much more together. Now that we have spoken about protections for roadless areas on the Tongass, it's time to advocate for community development that promotes stewardship and restoration in our nation's largest forest. We also highlight the need to continue our advocacy to prevent the development of the Ambler Rroad, a slice through the roadless communities in the western Arctic and the critical wintering grounds of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd. We will be reaching out for your help to protect the globally significant Teshekpuk Lake wetlands complex on the north slope, a circumpolar wetland breeding ground for millions of our world's birds.

We know each action takes time and attention from everyone. We thank you for recognizing that we are stronger together, as a community, and for showing up for the places and people of Alaska.

Industrial logging in the Tongass Photo: Colin Arisman

How you can help, right now