Inspiring the Next Generation

Why 13-year-old photographer Noah Saari wants you to enjoy the spring migration

If there's one thing every birder knows, it's the magic of discovering the natural world through the eyes of a feathered friend. 

Audubon Alaska chatted with one of the state's youngest and most passionate birders about why he loves birding so much, and why you should too.

Check out our interview with Noah and his phenomenal photography on his Instagram account @ak_waxwing.

Tell us a little about yourself! 

My name is Noah, I'm thirteen, I love Red-throated Loons, and I've been birding for a little over a year now.

Why do you love birding so much? 

When I look at a bird, I get this feeling of ecstasy! And when I get a new Lifer, it brightens up my whole week! And birds are just so beautiful, and the way they can do a bunch of absolutely crazy stuff that is part of their normal routine is just incredible.

Why is it so important to enjoy birds in nature? 

If we observe birds in nature, they can let us know what they like and don't like. That can help us help them, and we can watch them more without messing them up.

What is something you’ve learned from birds?

I learned how to make a whole bunch of funny bird noises.

Why should other young people your age enjoy birds?

It helps build a sense of extra excitement, and adds a great outdoor activity. My friend and I went on a trip, and on that trip he got pretty interested and now it's one of his favorite hobbies and he does it all the time.

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