Bird to Watch

Keep an eye out for the Marbled Murrelet

The Marbled Murrelet is a mysterious seabird whose behavior was relatively unknown until the 1970s. We now know it nests in the upper canopy of old-growth trees and lays one egg in a shallow depression in lichens or moss on the ground or tree branch. It’s federally listed as threatened in the lower 48 states, where loss of old-growth nesting habitat from logging is a suspected cause for declines. Threats in Alaska also include logging old-growth habitat, changes in food supply, and bycatch in gillnet fisheries.

Together over 170,000 people supported restoring protections to this vital habitat during the public comment period. Our united effort gives the Marbled Murrelet and other vulnerable species a chance to have a home today and for generations to come.

Juvenile Marbled Murrelet Photo: Rich MacIntosh

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