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Birdathon 2019

Support a Birdathon Team!
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Birdathon 2019

Support a Birdathon Team!

Audubon Alaska’s annual Birdathon is held each May. What's a Birdathon? It's a fun way to raise money for protecting Alaska's amazing birds by counting as many bird species as possible in a 24-hour period during the month. Audubon Alaska staff and board form teams and collect pledges per bird species they find or lump sum donations.

Birdathon serves as a reminder that when it comes to birds and wildlife habitat, Alaska is enormously important. Millions of birds from all over the world travel great distances every spring to reach Alaska to breed and nest during our long summer days. For 40 years, Audubon Alaska has been protecting important bird habitat across Alaska.

Meet the 2019 Birdathon Teams!

This year three teams competed for the first place trophy.

Team Raven Loonatics (2019 Birdathon Champions)

This team may be a little "loony" for thinking they can win, but confidence goes a long way in Birdathon. Comprised of Audubon Alaska staff: Natalie Dawson, Susan Culliney, Max Goldman, Priscilla Lema, Rebecca Sentner, and Kassandra Smith. 

Team Swift (2019 Eco Award Winners)

Team Swift is gunning for first place. With the motto "leave no turnstone unturned" this team starts early and ends late. Comprised of former and current staff members Melanie Smith, Ben Sullender, and Michelle LeBeau, Team Swift can identify birds and tell you their conservation status. 

Team Denali Surfnerds (2019 Peregrine Award Winners)

Board member Jenna Hamm will lead her team in a birdathon in the vicinity of Denali National Park. This northerly team will have the advantage of catching more of the migration and accessing different habitat types. 


Birdathon Award Categories

Birdathon Champion: total number of species 

‚ÄčPeregrine Award: speed is king: birds per hour (minimum of 4 hours)

Eco Award: birds per mile

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