Bridges to a New Era

A Report on the Past, Present, and Potential Future of Tribal Co-Management on Federal Public Lands

The coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge, the wetlands and rivers of Bristol Bay, and the islands of the Tongass National Forest are the ancestral territories and current homes of Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples. As Audubon, we work across public lands in the United States. We recognize these lands are intertwined with the history and lives of Indigenous Peoples. And we believe the current and future of public lands management will “be defined by the law’s ability to justly recognize and reconcile the historical and legal context of indigenous dispossession through a new era of reform that thoughtfully and meaningfully restores tribal management to federal public lands.” We hope this report can support a new era of federal policy. It also reenergizes our work to create just and equitable conservation on Alaska, and our nation’s, public lands. Learn more in this new report: Bridges to a New Era.

Bridges to a New Era.

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