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Bird Coloring Sheet & Jigsaw Puzzle Activity

Materials Needed: 

  • Scissors
  • Crayons or colored pencils


  1. Choose and download the template (see below).
  2. Print the coloring sheet + jigsaw puzzle double sided in landscape orientation.
    1. If your printer does not automatically print double sided: Print the first page and then load that first page back into the printer tray. Print the second page, and your printer will print onto the first page. You may need to do a test print to determine how to load the paper so the second page prints on the back of the first page.
  3. Give the sheet to your child to color. Make sure to instruct them to color the entire sheet because it will make completing the puzzle easier.
  4. Once they have colored to their heart’s content, take the coloring page and flip it over. Using scissors, cut out the jigsaw pieces.
    1. You do not need to cut out the jigsaw pieces exactly; they are just guidelines. If cutting squares is easier for you, go for it!
  5. Give the pieces back to your child to complete the jigsaw.
  6. VoilĂ ! All done. Make sure to give your child hefty congratulations for their hard work.
  7. Bonus Step: With your child, go to http://audubon.org/bird-guide and look up the bird species on the coloring sheet so they (and you) can learn more about them!


 Download and print the 24-piece puzzle.

 Download and print the 48-piece puzzle.

 Download and print the 64-piece puzzle. 

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