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Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar

The calendar features prize-winning art and literature by Alaska schoolchildren.

The Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar features prize-winning art and literature of schoolchildren across Alaska. The poetry and poster contests—and the beautiful end product—cultivate pride and learning about the migratory birds that are a part of traditional lives, diets, and cultures in rural Alaska. Audubon Alaska is one of the calendar’s cosponsors and organizers, and we’ve been proudly associated with the calendar for more than 20 years.

We are now taking orders for 2019 calendars! Please email Kassandra Smith or call 907-276-7034 to request a copy. Calendars are free of charge, but of course we welcome your donation to help offset costs and to support the program (a recommended donation of $3 covers shipping and handling). 

Partners and Sponsors

The Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar is made possible through the cooperation of many partners, including Audubon Alaska, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Ducks Unlimited. Some partners contribute money, others contribute time and ideas, and all help with the distribution of prizes.

The Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar needs more partners and sponsors to ensure that the calendar is produced and widely distributed each year. If you are interested in helping to underwrite the calendar, please email Kassandra Smith or call 907-276-7034 at Audubon Alaska.

How you can help, right now