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Explore Audubon Alaska's science-based research and special reports.

Arctic Ocean

  • Ecological Atlas of the Bering. Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas. (due out July 2017)  A comprehensive trans-boundary atlas that represents the current state of knowledge on subjects ranging from physical oceanography to species ecology to human uses. 
  • Arctic Marine Synthesis:  Atlas of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. (2010) This collection of 44 maps contains information on Arctic Ocean wildlife, physical characteristics of the ocean, and human uses such as energy development and protected areas.
  • Place-based Summary of the Arctic Marine Synthesis. A companion publication to the Atlas, you can look up a specific place to learn about the wildlife and ocean characteristics found there.

Arctic Terrestrial (North Slope and Arctic Refuge)

Important Bird Areas


  • Ecological Atlas of Southeast Alaska(September 2016) In the Ecological Atlas, we have built upon the information in our previous Tongass publications. We improved datasets such as forest vegetation, anadromous fish distribution, salt marsh estuaries, and Important Bird Areas. We included new information, such as projected climate change, mammal and bird viewing hotspots, metals mining, and infrastructure. The publication includes photos and charts that accompany the maps and writing, and ends with a conservation summary and set of management recommendations based on the information included.  (This link is to an online publication; visit our Tongass page for high resolution files to download)
  • Prince of Wales Wolves Full Report. (October 2015) In response to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game report that revealed a drastic decline in the wolf population on Prince of Wales and surrounding islands, Audubon Alaska’s science and policy team developed a report, Prince of Wales Wolves, examining the underlying reason for the decline: large-scale, old-growth, clearcut logging.
  • Prince of Wales Wolves Executive Summary. (October 2015)
  • Conserving Old-Growth Ecosystems in the Tongass National Forest. (2010) Learn about Alaska's temperate rainforest and Audubon Alaska's conservation strategy to protect important places.

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