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Birdathon 2016

Support a Birdathon Team

Audubon Alaska’s annual Birdathon is a fun way to raise money for protecting Alaska's amazing birds by counting birds - as many species as possible in a 24-hour period during the month of May. Audubon Alaska staff form teams and collect pledges per bird species they find or lump sum donations.

Birdathon serves as a reminder that when it comes to birds and wildlife habitat, Alaska is enormously important. Alaska is breeding grounds for over 20% of the nation’s nesting waterfowl, over 50% of the nation’s shorebirds, and over 90% of the nation’s seabirds. The vast majority of these bird species are migratory, fanning out across the globe.

There are two ways to be a part of Birdathon. Make a donation now, or pledge an amount (eg., $1,  $2, or more) per species. Past counts vary from 63 - 98 species.

Make a Donation

Donate by supporting an individual, supporting a team, or by making a general Birdathon donation. Make a Donation.

Make a Pledge

Pledge a dollar amount of your choice ($1, $2, or more) per species to a team or individual. Please email Michelle LeBeau with your pledge.

2016 Birdathon Teams:




For More Information 

Contact Michelle LeBeau via email or call (907) 276-7034.


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