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Situk River Trail

Be bear aware in this area.

The Situk River Trail is a 4-mile Forest Service maintained trail along the Situk River.  From the start of the trail at the Nine-mile Bridge, the Situk River flows 14 miles to the Situk/Ahrnklin Estuary. In addition to passerine bird species associated with the forest, such as thrushes, chickadees, and wrens, expect to see Red-breasted Sapsucker, Common Merganser, Spotted Sandpiper, Wilson’s Snipe, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, Northern Waterthrush, Belted Kingfisher, Bald Eagle, and various species of swallows and waterfowl. Wilson’s, Yellow-rumped, and Yellow Warbler are also common.

The Situk River is an important fishery with several species of pacific salmon as well as steelhead using the river system.  As a result, bears are common in this area, so be bear aware when exploring this area.


To access the Situk River Trail, drive Forest Highway10 (Dangerous River Road) for 9 miles to where the highway crosses the Situk River. At the Nine-Mile Bridge, the trailhead is located on the south side of the road down the short gravel road to the parking area. The trail goes downriver 4 miles ending at a Forest Service airstrip and two Forest Service public use cabins which require reservations. Another very short trail also leads upstream from the parking area and the 10-mile Bog ATV Trail starts on FH#10 1 miles east of 9-mile Bridge and connects to the Situk River Trail at the 1.25 miles downriver from the parking area.

Common Merganser
Common Mergansers. Photo: John Schoen

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