Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Yakutat

Christmas Tree Bridge

While birding, keep an eye out for river otter and mink.

Christmas Tree Bridge is easily accessed by vehicle and also provides for an opportunity for birding with a short trail hike. In the meadows bordering the creek, look for Savannah, Lincoln’s, and Song Sparrows and a variety of species of swallows. In the narrow creek channel you may surprise waterfowl, like Mallard, American Wigeon, or shorebirds such as Least Sandpiper. There are plenty of fish in the stream for Belted Kingfisher. Keep an eye out for river otter and mink.


To reach this site, drive 3 miles on Airport Road to Situk Landing Road. Turn right and drive 4.9 miles to an obvious fork in the road. Stay right on the smaller, less traveled road and drive 0.3 miles to Christmas Tree Bridge that crosses Tawah Creek. Park near the bridge and use the short walking trail that heads downstream on the south side of Tawah Creek. This section of Tawah Creek is downstream of Cannon Bridge and Summit Lake, and about 0.5 miles upstream from the confluence of Lost River.

Belted Kingfisher.
Belted Kingfisher. Photo: Jerryam Ende/APA 2015

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