Southeast Alaska Birding Trail Yakutat

Airport Area

This is a great spot to see songbirds.

During summer months, the area near the Yakutat Airport almost always yields something interesting. Swallows nest in the old buildings. Shorebirds such as Least Sandpiper have nested in the open areas, and other species such as Whimbrel can be found foraging here during spring migration. Semipalmated Plover and Killdeer can be seen in the open areas during spring and summer. The marshy areas are good for Wilson’s Snipe. Nearly all the songbirds found elsewhere on the Yakutat Forelands can be found here. Northern Waterthrush is a rare, occasional occupant of the area. During migration, the open areas might attract unusual migrants. In early fall, Lapland Longspur are commonly migrating through the area.


To reach the airport area, drive 3 miles on Airport Road from Yakutat. Park near the airport fence before you get to the Fish Train Trail trailhead, or park at the trailhead and walk back along the airport fence towards the housing area. Alternatively, from Yakutat airport simply follow the road towards town. After it veers right, go less than 0.5 miles and turn right onto the gravel road in front of the residential area.

Lapland Longspur.
Lapland Longspur. Photo: Donna Dewhurst / USFWS

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