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Battery Point Trail - Kelgaya Bay

Pay attention to tides when birding here.

Battery Point is accessed by hiking the Battery Point Trail through the northern portion of Chilkat State Park. The trail winds through coastal spruce forest on a well-marked and maintained trail to Battery Point. A wide variety of waterfowl, shorebirds and waterbirds can be observed from this site including Surf Scoter, Marbled Murrelet, Pelagic Cormorant and loons as well as birds common to coastal spruce forests. Pay attention to tides when birding at this location, particularly if wanting to return by hiking the beach. Trail information can be found at Chilkat State Park.


From Haines, head south on Beach Road to the trailhead at the end of road. This is located approximately 1.5 miles from Portage Cove Dock. Follow the trail and trail signs approximately 1.2 miles to Battery Point.

Marbled Murrelet.
Marbled Murrelet. Photo: Milo Burcham

Birding Resources:

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Other Resources:

Alaska Department of Natural Resources: Chilkat State Park

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