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Speak Up for Alaska's Western Arctic: Public Comment Workshop

The Teshekpuk Lake wetlands are home to hundreds of thousands of shorebirds, nesting loons, and vulnerable molting geese. And, the Colville River Special Area provides important nesting habitat to Rough-legged Hawks, Arctic Peregrine Falcons, Golden Eagles, and Gyrfalcons. For 40 years, these areas in Alaska's western Arctic have been protected. But now, the Bureau of Land Management is rewriting the land management plan, seeking to overturn protections for these irreplaceable wetlands and making them available for sale to the oil industry.
The public comment period is now open. Join us as we talk through the issue and answer your questions. Let us help you prepare to make informed, meaningful comments with confidence. UNIQUE comments carry more weight in public process than form letters, so please make the time to write your own comment. The webinar was live on January 10, 2020. Did you miss the webinar? No problem. you can watch the video on our Facebook page. 

Rock, Paper, Fish: Film Screening Event (in Seattle)

Join us for a screening of the film Rock, Paper, Fish, directed by Colin Arisman and Connor Gallagher and produced by Wild Confluence Media and Nomad Island, with support from the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council. The film takes audiences deep into the rainforest of Southeast Alaska where life is inseparable from the age-old rhythms of the Chilkat River. Due to the threat of industrial mining, local Alaskans are struggling to weigh the short-term economic beneifts against the long-term impacts to the Chilkat Watershed.  Event will be held January 30, 2020 at 7:30 PM at Patagonia Ballard, in Seattle, WA.  Register today!

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