Audubon Alaska's 2020 Bird of the Year

Crested Auklet


The Crested Auklet is known for its ornamented and citrus-smelling plumage, and that's not all. These peculiar-looking seabirds build their nest in massive colonies in craggy seaside cliffs along the southwestern coasts of Alaska. 

With more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined, the climate impacts of erosion from storm surge due to disappearing sea ice are being felt by all who live here. These important habitats are our homes; it’s where we hunt, fish, forage, play, and raise our young. As the 2020 Alaska Bird of the Year, the Crested Auklet reminds us to fight for our precious coastlines for every bird, fish, and mammal!

Thank you to all who voted! 

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