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Erika Knight, GIS/Data Analyst

Erika Knight is a GIS/Data Analyst at Audubon Alaska, working on the 2nd edition of the "Arctic Marine Synthesis and Atlas of the Chukchi, Beaufort, and Bering Seas" and other projects.
Erika Knight

Erika Knight joined Audubon Alaska in November 2015. Originally from New Hampshire, Erika holds a BA in Geology from Cornell University and an MS in Environmental and Forest Sciences from University of Washington, where her MS research focused on soil chemistry and nutrient cycling in Pacific Northwest forests. She has previously worked as an environmental consultant in Washington and Alaska and as an outdoor educator in New York.

Erika and her husband John moved to Alaska in 2013. They enjoy exploring and photographing Alaska’s mountains and coastline on skis, hiking boots, or in kayaks.

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