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Title Post date
Tongass Plan Amendment Should Move Faster to stop Old-Growth Clearcutting Nov 20, 2015
First Oil Development Project in NPRA Follows Balanced Plan Oct 22, 2015
Old-Growth Logging: The True Culprit behind Drastic Wolf Declines in the Tongass Oct 15, 2015
Federal Judge Rules to Protect Wilderness in Izembek Sep 8, 2015
Audubon Science and Maps Highlight Vulnerable Arctic Wildlife Aug 28, 2015
Audubon Responds to Shell Receiving Final Permit to Drill and Extract Oil in Arctic Ocean Aug 17, 2015
Audubon Comments on Arctic Ocean Drilling Approval Jul 22, 2015
Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Shell Oil’s Risky and Reckless Arctic Drilling Plan Jun 2, 2015
Environmental and Alaska Native Groups Continue Fight to Protect the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea from Risky Drilling Jun 1, 2015
President Obama transmits Arctic Refuge Wilderness recommendation to Congress Apr 3, 2015
Conservation Groups Appeal Big Thorne Timber Sale: Mar 27, 2015
First Oil and Gas Drilling in NPRA Sets Disappointingly Low Bar for Minimizing Harmful Effects Feb 13, 2015
Department of Interior Releases Plan to Allow Dangerous Arctic Ocean Drilling Feb 12, 2015
President Obama Protects Important Arctic Ocean Habitat from Drilling Jan 27, 2015
Conservation Groups, Native Organizations Celebrate Wilderness Recommendation for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Jan 25, 2015
Conservation Groups Applaud Continued Arctic Refuge Bipartisan Leadership by Reps. Huffman and Fitzpatrick Jan 8, 2015
'Tis the Season for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count Dec 12, 2014
New Obama Administration Draft Report Highlights Risks of Arctic Ocean Drilling Oct 31, 2014
New Audubon Study Reveals Climate Change Effects on Many Bird Species Sep 9, 2014
Massive Big Thorne Timber Sale Deals a Severe Blow to the Tongass, Taxpayers Aug 21, 2014
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