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Red-footed Booby. Photo: Charles J. Sharp
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Join us on one of our many adventures across the country and globe, as we partner with travel experts to explore natural wonders across the world. By traveling with Audubon Alaska, you’ll have an intimate, unique experience abroad, focused on nature, wildlife, and birds.

You’ll travel with local guides and naturalists, Audubon Alaska staff, and others interested in birding abroad. Also, by traveling with Audubon Alaska, you help support our important work to protect Alaska's birds, wildlife, and the habitats they depend on — part of the trip cost includes a tax-deductible donation to Audubon Alaska.

We’ve led trips to birding hotspots in Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, and the Galapagos Islands! To get the latest on our upcoming trips, subscribe to our monthly eNews today.

Why travel with us?
-We work with local guides and naturalists.
-Small group sizes provide an intimate experience.
-Explore the world with like-minded individuals who care about birds and wild places.
-Tours are focused on nature, wildlife, and birds.
-To support bird conservation in Alaska through a donation to Audubon Alaska included in the trip cost.

For questions about traveling with Audubon contact Michelle LeBeau at (907) 276-7034 or

2018 Trips

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Rafting the Marsh Fork and Canning Rivers
June 25 - July 2, 2018
Register by emailing Michelle at

Join Audubon Alaska for a rafting trip of a lifetime along the Marsh Fork and Canning Rivers in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This exclusive, small group adventure is set in a spectacular wilderness of raw, towering mountains drained by pristine rivers. Enjoy excellent hiking and phenomenal bird and wildlife watching against one of the most stunning backdrops on the planet. Led by two experienced river guides from Wilderness Birding Adventures and escorted by Michelle LeBeau, Deputy Director of Audubon Alaska, experience a place and time untouched by modern life. See trip details for more information.

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