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McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, Alaska Photo: John Schoen
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Join us on one of our many adventures across the country and globe, as we partner with travel experts to explore natural wonders across the world. By traveling with Audubon Alaska, you’ll have an intimate, unique experience abroad, focused on nature, wildlife, and birds.

You’ll travel with local guides and naturalists, Audubon Alaska staff, and others interested in birding abroad. Also, by traveling with Audubon Alaska, you help support our important work to protect Alaska's birds, wildlife, and the habitats they depend on — part of the trip cost includes a tax-deductible donation to Audubon Alaska.

We’ve led trips to birding hotspots in Costa Rica and Belize and for our next trip we will explore the wetlands, mangroves, and limestone caves of western Cuba. To get the latest on our upcoming trips, subscribe to our monthly eNews today.

Why travel with us?
-We work with local guides and naturalists, and part of the trip donation helps support bird conservation in Alaska.
-Small group sizes provide an intimate experience.
-Explore the world with like-minded individuals who care about birds and wild places.
-Tours are focused on nature, wildlife, and birds.

For questions about traveling with Audubon contact Michelle LeBeau at (907) 276-7034 or

2017 Trips

Birding in Belize (closed)
February 19-28, 2017 

Join Audubon Alaska for a trip to Belize and explore habitats that include wetlands, pine forest, tropical moist forest, and a mangrove island on this unforgettable adventure. There are only a few spots left! In addition to its rich Maya history and Caribbean-influenced culture, the small country of Belize offers birders a huge diversity of migrant and resident species in lush and varied ecosystems. Go birding at Crooked Tree Sanctuary, a vital habitat for migratory and resident wetland species; hike through the towering jungle of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Jaguar Preserve; learn about endemic butterflies; and visit Mayan ruins at Lamanai. Support sustainable, bird-based tourism and hemispheric conservation in Belize, as well as Audubon Alaska’s work in Alaska. See trip details.

Explore Cuba
November 3-11, 2017

Join Audubon Alaska for a trip to Cuba and learn about ongoing conservation efforts from local experts as you explore wetlands, mangroves and limestone caves of western Cuba.  Visit Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve for an in-depth look at marine conservation programs and look for the Bee Hummingbird.  Experience Cuba’s many cultural offerings, including jazz and dance performances, art museums, a walking tour of historical Old Havana and meals in paladares (restaurants run in private homes).  Full time bilingual ornithologist and a logistics guide throughout the program. Support sustainable, conservation-based tourism in Cuba and Audubon Alaska’s work in Alaska. See trip details for more information and to register.

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