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Birdathon 2017

Support a Birdathon Team

Audubon Alaska’s annual Birdathon is a fun way to raise money for protecting Alaska's amazing birds by counting birds - as many species as possible in a 24-hour period during the month of May. Audubon Alaska staff form teams and collect pledges per bird species they find or lump sum donations.

Birdathon serves as a reminder that when it comes to birds and wildlife habitat, Alaska is enormously important. Millions of birds from all over the world travel great distances every spring to reach Alaska to breed and nest during our long summer days. For 40 years, Audubon Alaska has been protecting important bird habitat across Alaska.

There are two ways to be a part of Birdathon. Make a donation now, or pledge an amount (eg. $1, $2, $5, or more) per species. Past counts vary from 63 - 98 species.

Make a Donation

Donate by supporting an individual, supporting a team, or by making a general Birdathon donation. Make a Donation.

Make a Pledge

Pledge a dollar amount of your choice ($1, $2, $5, or more) per species to a team or individual. You can also get creative and pledge extra for moose, rare birds, etc. Please email Heidi DeCoeur or call (907) 276-7034 with your pledge.

2017 Birdathon Teams:






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