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Conservation Groups Appeal Big Thorne Timber Sale:

Published: Mar 27, 2015
Audubon files lawsuit to halt old-growth timber sale in the Tongass.

Arctic Marine Data

Looking for Arctic Ocean mapping data? Look here!
Illustration by Eric Cline

Who will be the 2015 Bird of the Year?

Beth Peluso

Surfbird at Northern Montague Island Important Bird Area in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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First Oil and Gas Drilling in NPRA Sets Disappointingly Low Bar for Minimizing Harmful Effects

Published: Feb 13, 2015
Permenent road in Greater Mooses Tooth 1 development will impact WatchList bird habitat.
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Department of Interior Releases Plan to Allow Dangerous Arctic Ocean Drilling

Published: Feb 12, 2015
Department of Interior releases plan for dangerous Arctic Ocean drilling.
jomilo75 (Flikr)
Libby Hatton
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I Love Birds 2015!

Show your love for birds in February!
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President Obama Protects Important Arctic Ocean Habitat from Drilling

Published: Jan 27, 2015
President protects important Arctic Ocean habitat from drilling.
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Conservation Groups, Native Organizations Celebrate Wilderness Recommendation for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Published: Jan 25, 2015
Obama makes historic announcement recommending permanent protection for Arctic Refuge!
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