Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Shell Oil’s Risky and Reckless Arctic Drilling Plan

Published: Jun 2, 2015
Audubon joins legal challenge to rushed Arctic Ocean permits allowing Shell to drill in summer ...
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Environmental and Alaska Native Groups Continue Fight to Protect the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea from Risky Drilling

Published: Jun 1, 2015
Audubon joins in legal challenge to Shell's plan to drill in Arctic Ocean in summer 2015.
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Michelle LeBeau, Development Director

Michelle LeBeau is Audubon Alaska's Development Director, generating the funds needed for our s...
Eric Cline
Eric Cline
Eric Cline

Audubon Alaska 2015 Bird of the Year: Snowy Owl

Jim DeWitt, Frozen Feather Images

Smith's Longspurs breed only in a few areas, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

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Bird of the Year Candidate: Smith's Longspur

Vote for the smashing Smith's Longspur for 2015 Bird of the Year!
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Bird of the Year Candidate: Tundra Swan

Vote for the Tundra Swan for 2015 Bird of the Year!
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Bird of the Year Candidate: Snowy Owl

Vote for the Splendid Snowy Owl!
Milo Burcham

American Golden-Plovers migrate from wintering grounds in South America to the Arctic to nest.

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President Obama transmits Arctic Refuge Wilderness recommendation to Congress

Published: Apr 3, 2015
President Obama sends Wilderness recommendation for Arctic Refuge to Congress.
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