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Tongass Plan Amendment Should Move Faster to stop Old-Growth Clearcutting

Published: Nov 20, 2015
Forest Service should move faster to end old-growth clearcutting in new Tongass plan amendment.
Melanie Smith

Clearcut on Prince of Wales Island in the Tongass National Forest.

First Oil Development Project in NPRA Follows Balanced Plan

Published: Oct 22, 2015
Balanced plan for the NPRA is working!
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Old-Growth Logging: The True Culprit behind Drastic Wolf Declines in the Tongass

Published: Oct 15, 2015
New Audubon Alaska report shows old-growth logging the culprit for Tongass wolf declines.
John Cannon (habitat) and Bob Armstrong (wolf)

This Audubon Alaska report shows how old-growth logging is the behind-the-scenes culprit in wolf declines on Prince of Wales Island in the Tongass National Forest.

Michelle LeBeau

Audubon Alaska's 2015 Bird of the Year hats feature the Snowy Owl. We also have hats featuring the previous Bird of the Year, Spectacled Eider.

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Skye Cooley

Skye Cooley is Audubon Alaska's Arctic Spatial Ecologist.
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Federal Judge Rules to Protect Wilderness in Izembek

Published: Sep 8, 2015
A Federal judge ruled to protect Izembek Wilderness from a proposed road that would have ...
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Audubon Science and Maps Highlight Vulnerable Arctic Wildlife

Published: Aug 28, 2015
President Obama’s upcoming visit to Alaska puts a spotlight on urgent energy and climate cha...
Milo Burcham

Sitting in front: Ben Sullender (staff), Michelle LeBeau (staff)
Middle row: Milo Burcham (board), Nathan Walker (former staff), Beth Peluso (staff), Nancy DeWitt (board), Margery Nicolson (former board), Robyn Langlie (staff), Jim Adams (staff)
Back row: Melanie Smith (staff), Stan Senner (Pacific Flyway staff), Eric Myers (board), John Alexander (former board), Gordon Orians (board), John Schoen (board), David Shaw (board), Nils Warnock (staff), Matt Kirchhoff (board), Mason Morfit (board), David Secord (board), LaVerne Smith (board)

Milo Burcham

Audubon Alaska Board, front row, left to right: Milo Burcham, John Schoen, Eric Myers, Nancy DeWitt, Margery Nicolson (former board), Mason Morfit
Back row, left to right:
John Alexander (former board), Gordon Orians, Matt Kirchhoff, David Secord, David Shaw, LaVerne Smith 
Mt. Denali


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Ben Sullender

Ben Sullender is a GIS Biologist. He uses spatial analysis to examine ecological systems rangin...
Nathan Walker

Ben Sullender is a GIS Biologist for Audubon Alaska.

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