Credit: Attila Pellinger/Wikimedia Creative Commons

A Northern Goshawk fixes its steely gaze on the camera.

Credit: Joel Sartore/

A Red Knot smiles for the camera. The serrations on the inside of its bill help it grip slippery things. They look like the "teeth" on a saw, but they're not real teeth, so the Red Knot never has to go to the dentist!

Erik I. Johnson
Credit: Raül Ramos/UB-IRBio

A female Shearwater getting her shot.

Credit: Raül Ramos/UB-IRBio

A Cory's Shearwater nestling with her chick.

Credit: Katherine Flickinger/Great Backyard Bird Count

Two starlings enjoy a bath.

Audubon Vermont
Credit: Scott Terrell/AP Photo/Skagit Valley Herald

In a July 29, 2011 photo, Pee Wee, a Barbary falcon, gets to eat after chasing away some starlings at Sakuma Brothers Farms' blueberry field in Burlington, Wash. Recently, Pee Wee decided to quit his job (halfway through a shift) and fly away to less blueberry-filled pastures.

Credit: Courtesy of Bob Armstrong

An American Dipper dives to the bottom of a stream in Alaska.

Tim Bowman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Red-throated Loon is on the Alaska WatchList.

Jon Reis
Jon Reis
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