Audubon Alaska 2017 Bird of the Year

The Winner: the Horned Puffin!


THE HORNED PUFFIN: You can find colonies of Horned Puffins in rocky crevices on remote islands and tucked into coastal cliffs – that’s one reason we love the Aleutian Islands and the coasts of Alaska’s mainland! We can swim and dive well, but we’re also able to deftly navigate over rocky surfaces thanks to our claws. We’re able to bring teeming beakfuls of small fish to our young because our bills are uniquely designed for capturing and carrying many fish at one time. We’ll often dive underwater and swim rapidly through a school of fish and catch them as we go! While we bring lots of fish to our young, we adults mostly feast on squid and crustaceans. We’re called the "Horned" Puffin because of the long fleshy "horn" above our eyes. 

The Horned Puffin is Audubon Alaska's 2017 spokesbird, and will showcase Audubon Alaska’s efforts to protect important habitats across Alaska, especially the Arctic Ocean.  When you donate to Audubon Alaska, you'll receive one of our beautiful Bird of the Year stickers.

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